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Benny Hardouin

The quality of the instruction was outstanding.  I have taken Eason to many camps over the past 3 years in support of his dream of playing collegiate football.  It is incredibly frustrating to have guys "tinker" with his throwing motion with no real foundational reasoning.  Shorten your base....widen your base...fire from your core...fire from your legs...fire from your shoulders.  It can get exhaustive.  More to that point, we have been to camps where the "headliner" and even camp director set the ball in motion and then you barely see them the rest of the camp, leaving it up to the other minions to carry out the drills etc.  I couldn't be more impressed with how accessible and out front you both were.  To be commended.

From JB

Trent, like most father's trying to help their son reach their athletic potential we chose to sign up for QB Epic as our first "camp" specifically for unparalleled instruction and secondly for the option of parent involvement. All of those things happened as advertised! Plus more! Unlike other parents (I hope) I have a terminal illness. (ALS) I can never thank you, the Coaches and the RWB team enough for the life lessons both my son and I came away with as well Every single group moment had "nuggets" about not only football but, how to reach potential as a growing young man. To be able to hear and enjoy those moments and know that they made an impact on my son.. Priceless!! I am forever grateful!

Brad and Josh Beetham

Trent, I can’t think of a better role model.  The adversity both on and off the field in your life would have devoured lesser men.   You have turned that into an amazing brand and message.   Your situation strikes a personal chord with me as my 12 year old daughter (1 of 5 kids) has been fighting cancer for 2 years now.   We hope to have good outcome but a little as 9 months ago we were within hours of losing her.   I haven’t lost a child but can empathize with the long struggle and agony that we with sick children work through.

I spoke with my daughter late last night when we got home about you and your perseverance.  When she was diagnosed, we made shirts and our motto was “Adversity, What will you do with it”, Im so glad you chose the best route possible.  I would love to have her meet you at a camp sometime.    What you bring to the table is unmatched in life experiences both on and off the field.   Thank you from my family for choosing to stay in the fight, honor your son and family by doing what you do, and what you represent.

Carson Collins

I just wanted to thank you for the best run, well-rounded QB experience I have had. I learned more about leadership, being a great team player, and how I need to be the thermostat for all those around me, all while being cool, calm and collected in chaos. I loved QB Epic and am thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow as a QB. On the grind!

John Kamins

Thanks once again to you and all the coaches for all your efforts! The program you've put together is unparalleled in content and quality. At the end of the day, it's the passion of men like Trent, yourself and the coaches that emanates and infuses the souls of the boys who are fortunate enough to be part of the epic. You can't measure it and you can't quantify it, but it's everything.

Your goal of developing a holistic approach had an immediate impact on Tyler. The positive message and camaraderie amongst the coaches and young men who attended provided the context and motivation to go home and do the "lonely work".

As a young QB at the age of 12, there's no amount of words or encouragement I could have provided Tyler that would been as transformative as seeing and experiencing it for himself.

By the end of the weekend, Tyler's body was exhausted, but his mind and spirit were energized to new levels!

Thanks once again for all you do! Tyler can't wait to experience the next chapter in his QB Epic!

Daniel Blackford

I wanted to send a big Thank You for your time and effort in helping these young men learn how to reach their full potential. Leading up to last weekend my son (7th Grade) was very worried that the camp would be boring but about an hour into the first workout he ran past me with a huge smile and said he was having a blast. It's carried over to this week as he has been inspired to work on things he learned at QBEpic. I'm looking forward to the rest off the offseason and watching him work hard on the things he learned from all of you.

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